Different types of anarkali dresses according to body shapes

Different types of anarkali dresses according to body shapes

Anarkali dresses are widely loved by Indian women and worn in wedding functions as a traditional yet modern touch of embroidery and style. Even if anarkali suits party wear online shopping have many different styles available it can still be over whelming to choose the right one for you. So here is a quick guide to body shapes and the types of anarkalis that will suit on them.

  • Pear

Most of the Indian women bodies are in a pear shape where waist and shoulders are smaller as compared to the size of thighs and hips. If you have such body shape then go for A line anarkali with a floor length and a good flare. Choose a V neck or a plunging neckline which emphasizes more on the upper part of the body. Wear a darker silhouette colour on the base so that it gives the illusion of a balanced structure.

  • Rectangle

Rectangle body shape is the one with bigger bust and hips and a smaller waist. In such cases you must choose a short frock with layered anarkali style. The best you can do in such case is get a huge ghagra kind of volume that helps you with curves and enhancing the body style.

  • Hourglass

Having an hourglass figure would be a blessing and the women with an hourglass figure can rock anything not just anarkali. If you have an hourglass figure then don’t give it a much thought and choose any anarkali and it will look fabulous on you. If you want to enhance the curves of your body then go for a well fitted anarkali from waist instead of one with free flowing volume.

  • Apple

Apple shape refers to the kind of body structure where the whole upper part of the body ranging from shoulders to tummy and even busts are bigger and round. It will be a bit difficult to find the anarkali in such case but try looking for one with a shorter length and collar neck with an A line fitting. Opt for a dupatta in such case and drape it gracefully around.

Don’t worry because whatever kind of body shape you have, learn to embrace it and style it rightly with our guide of anarkali and its different shapes.

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