Everything you need to know about figure skating costumes

Everything you need to know about figure skating costumes

Figure skating is such a beautiful and a very interesting sport to be involved in and its costumes are on some other level of creativity. They are embodied with several different sequins, spandex and little details which doubles the beauty of costume by staying within the limits of a moral code. If truth be told, figure skating costumes are literally the epitome of perfection and creativity and their beauty and appeal is just simply unmatched. There are so many things that we are unaware of which is complied below:

  • Skating routine inspires the costume

This is a very important subject matter because the costume must represent the skater as whole. When we take a look at their routine we learn a lot about the skater through their selection of music and vaults they choose to perform and the same way, their dress should be represented. The designer often meets the performer to know more about their personality to make sure that the dress is the right choice.

  • Skaters want to look shiny and shimmery

This is a very common aspect that we find in figure skating dress competition that most of the participants are sparkly. This is because everyone wants to stand out and a few little gems sparkling from afar can surely make a difference. Another reason is that ice is huge and white and performers don’t want to disappear in it and shine makes that possible.

  • The costume hasn’t changed

This might come as a shock to you but there isn’t much which has changed since the figure skating was first started from. Just like gymnastics where the participants don’t have much choice in shoes and they have to settle to buy rhythmic gymnastics half shoes, the same way figure skaters don’t have much choice when it comes to the moral codes. They have to settle for the same old pattern of dress by bringing a few different changes in the colour and design.

  • There is negative marking for wardrobe malfunction

When someone wears a dress which is filled with lots of glitter and sparkle, it is natural for some of it to fall off. But if this does happen, then you need to be ready for the deduction of points from judges’ side because of this little mistake. This is why it is important to be prepared for all sorts of situations.