Facts about Volkswagen

Volkswagen has certainly come a long way since it first started its production and has made a name for itself. There are many fun and interesting things and changes which happened to the Volkswagen all these years in its production. So let’s take a look at all of them:

  • The names VW Golf named after the Gulf Stream, Passat named after a German term which meant trading winds and Jetta named after Jetstream has something in common. They are all named after oceanic currents and prevailing winds. Not only these but every single Volkswagen is named after them.
  • People have managed to make world records with Volkswagen by fitting 57 people in a single Beetle. This was certainly very hard but it was a group of trained climbers who made sure that they captured every single inch of the car not leaving space even on the roof.
  • Volkswagen have managed to make its place in the world’s top 7 largest companies Skoda and Scania by securing the position right next to the Audi and Porsche.
  • VW have been very generous with the kids born in the Beetles by providing them with a financial compensation in form of award saving bonds to the infants. Even though this tradition broke away years ago yet that generosity is helping you out.
  • Volkswagen is supposed to mean people’s car whose idea was actually funded by Adolf Hitler when he asked for a ride which could fit his working men and family. This is how VW came into being.
  • Compact or small cars created by VW use the same and simple name such as golf class while referring to all the drama. This is just an example of automotive class.
  • VW have worked hard to earn its place and because of this they have been blessed enough to be the most nominated for the engine of the year awards.
  • Volkswagen have been designing the cars since quite a long time and in all these years have done a remarkable job to be known in 150+ countries worldwide.

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