The human skeletal system

The human skeletal system

For those who don’t know, there are two different types of bones that make up the entire human skeleton. These are individual and fused bones that are typically supported by three things, including tendons, ligaments and muscles. But exactly what are these bones made up of? To put it in simple words, these are comprised of elements like phosphorus, calcium and a number of other minerals. Collagen also plays a vital role in the formation of bones.   

Calcium is a very important mineral and it is required to harden up the bones. This makes sure that the bones have the ability to support the weight of the body. There is a soft substance inside the human bones that is called the bone marrow. It is inside many of the bones and is basically found at the sports where the majority of blood cells happen to be. The bone marrow is made up of stem cells, that is what produces the body’s red blood cells and platelets that are a part of the body.

How does the body move?

The Bones are able to move because of the way they are joined together. The area where two or more of the bones meet together is called the joint. the bones at the joint area are held by a group of tissues called the ligament. These also allow the bones to move as well.


Have you ever wondered how your arms or knees are able to move from the point where joins meet? This movement is possible because of the synovial joints. These are specialized in the manner that they allow the joints to be moved.

Synovial joints:

The Synovial joints are sometimes known as the diarthrosis, these are the most movable type of joint in the human body. Joints are formed at the spot where bones meet each other. Without these joints one cannot move around their body as they can today.

The human spine injury:

The human spine serves as the main part of the human body. Any injury in the spinal cord (SCI) is that causes temporary or permanent changes in the function of the spine. Find the best spine hospital in Dubai. The symptoms of this particular issue typically include losing out on the muscle function, any sort of sensation, or the autonomic function in the parts of the human body that are performed by the spinal cord. these injuries may cause complete loss of muscle function or weakness, also the loss of control on bladder and some sexual function. You can easily find and visit a trusted endocrinologist in Dubai to seek treatment.