A complete guide to the Australian skilled immigration program

A complete guide to the Australian skilled immigration program

Now a days many skilled professional from under developed countries try to migrate towards countries where they can get high wages and other facilities as well to improve their quality of life. Australia, Canada, USA and UK are countries where they can get high wages according to their experience. The people who live in Kuwait can find the best Australian immigration consultant in Kuwait through the internet. Immigration to Canada is also option and all information related to immigration in these countries is available on internet.

Just like Canada, Australia has its visa system which is based on points. The points are given on the basis of experience and study.  The points which are included in this visa type are given below.


These types of visas are given to specific professionals only. The list of these occupations is given on their website. These visa types include graduate temporary visa, skilled independent visa and skilled regional visa. Sponsored visas are also available but these are not for permanent residence. These are only for 3-5 months.


Then points are given to the visa applicants according their age. These points vary from 0 to 30 points. The maximum points are given to age group among 25 to 32. At this age, they are given 30 points which is maximum. At the age of 45-49, they are given 0 points. It means the best age to migrate to Australia is in the age among 18 to 35.

English language proficiency test:

If you don’t belong to native English speaking country then it will be mandatory to attempt IELTS or any other English language proficiency test. If you are going to attempt IELTS then you must get 7 or 8 bands in IELTS. 20 points are given to the persons who have scored 8 in IELTS and 10 points are given to persons who have scored 7 in IELTS. 0 point is given to bands 6 or less than 6.

Skilled employment:

Then points are also given according to work experience of skilled professionals. The more work experience, the more points will be given to skilled professionals.

Educational qualification:

Educational qualification matters a lot when we talk about points given in the visa. Doctorate degree holders are given highest points i.e. 20 points and then points are lowered according to the qualification.