Where to go for Ladies Night only in Dubai?

Where to go for Ladies Night only in Dubai?

Girl time in Dubai is a big yes scene, being a Muslim country, most people think women are not allowed to party but everything there is are mostly for women in Dubai, UAE. This piece of writing is dedicated to women who want to spend time with their own species. Yes, women party just like any other guy. For their convenience, Dubai has made a lot of places which is strictly for women. Even the metro trains, buses and trams have special in and out for ladies only, and if a guy enters there by mistake, he can be charged heavily.

So, ladies if you want a ladies’ night out, your first stop should be 1 Oak. It is located in business bay and ladies can party here on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and the best part is you ladies’ drinks on the house. To make your Sundays more special the club invites DJ Tony Mendes in the house.

Billionaire Mansion is for ultimate partying ladies. Exclusively for those also who wish to see what an actual party looks like. The club puts the ladies only flag on Sunday with Mr. Levier on the DJ deck.

Looking forward to make a Sunday story snapchat which makes people take screen shot, then Boa is the place for you to be. It is a kind of super club where waiters are also ladies. The club has made sure that there are no guys so the girls can party without hesitation. This is the only club which has all night drinks on the house and the club opens from 11 pm to 3 am with DJ Devon Kosoko.

Almost every club has drinks on the house for ladies but Drai’s is the only club where ladies enter without any entrance fee and can have as much as you can eat sushi and nibbles as a sider with drinks. This club is open for ladies on Tuesdays and Sundays from 10 pm to 4 am.

Need a break from the sun and whatever the heck you want and stay away from the looks, then you must go to the Azure beach’s pool tribe on all Mondays, but be fast because the first 100 ladies get to go to the pool for free and you can get any five drinks in Dhs 100. While there is also ladies only best desert safari in Dubai and hot air balloon ride in Dubai where you can have the safari all to yourself.