What happens if you don’t brush your teeth for a year

What happens if you don’t brush your teeth for a year

How does the idea of tossing away your toothbrush in the dustbin for an entire year sound like? For some it is going to be very disgusting and filthy while for others it would simply mean a small task deducted from their daily morning and night time routine. Well, whatever you feel, the consequences aren’t going to change. So what does it really mean to leave or completely stop brushing?

Before we get into the fact what it would be like not to brush for a year, let’s see what brushing prevents. For starters, tooth decay or cavities is something very common which most of you are familiar with – even when you are carrying out with your teeth brushing routine so imagine how worse it is going to be without brushing.

Next one is known as periodontal disease often referred as the gum disease. There could be several things going wrong with your gum. When the plaque isn’t cleared out carefully from the mouth it somehow manages to make the gums its permanent place and when the gums get a little sensitive, they start bleeding which in return can get in your bloodline and cause other major problems.

This all does not only weaken the immune system but it also can create several problems with the respiratory system creating pneumonia and increasing the risk of heart attacks as well. You can certainly escape that all by maintaining a healthy diet by eliminating all your favourite foods from it and just sticking to the fruits and vegetables.

Even if you do somehow try to manage your diet for an entire year without brushing how are you going to eliminate the dirty taste of particles still stuck to your teeth of the biscuit that you had last night? Are we forgetting about the bigger problem of smell here? Your mouth is continuously going to stink worse than a dumpster and you are going to be in the constant pain of embarrassment that comes to you just because of your breath.

But no need to worry about this all because you are never going to stop brushing for the sake of your health and keep visiting the pediatric dentist in Dubai to make sure that you are not facing any other serious problem. If you are, then the best dental implant clinic in Dubai would be always there to help you.