Things you can do to keep your skin looking healthy

Things you can do to keep your skin looking healthy

Your skin is your body’s largest organ which not only protects you and work as shield for your organs an systems by covering them but it also the beauty part of your body too. Fresh and healthy skin that seems to be attached firmly with bones attracts and glue eyes of every other person because of its being hydrated and glow.

However, as you age, you lose that beauty. Your skin starts to lose from your bones and hang on your face which is called as wrinkled skin, then. Besides, the pores in your skin, begins to open which result in entrance of dust and germs in your skin due to which you get pimples and black spots on skin.

Although, it gets difficult to maintain your skin and its health as you age, there are some ways and products which make it easier. As I said before, some of such ways are natural and some consist of artificial products. Depending on natural products only give you the best effect but it will take time. However, dependence on artificial products can give you the same result faster but it will be temporary.

The problem is that you do not lose beauty because you age. You lose beauty because you do not have good diet as you get older and older which in turn affects your health and ultimately your beauty that includes silky hair and hydrated skin. Think and tell as to when did you last have proper and healthy breakfast after you entered in your teenage?

Never, because you want to look COOL by having cheesy foods at cafes in morning with your peers! Similarly, have you ever had salad and vegetable curry since you are employed? No, because you now rely heavily on burgers and fries because their flavours are just outstanding.

Therefore, add all foods in your life. Your meals should have dairy foods which you can use to prepare smoothie or cheesy sandwich that would have filling of vegetables and meat which can make it flavoursome and scrumptious. Similarly, have salads and curry with boiled rice and homemade bread to make the meal healthy, light and craving one. You can even prepare shakes and light foods in dinner to end your day on lighter note. 

Besides, add some artificial products and natural products on your side-table too. Place Vaseline, fullers earth and face-wash to keep from dermal fillers and nose filler in Dubai

So, these are few techniques and tips to apply to keep your skin healthy and fine whether you have consulted the best general practitioner in Dubai or not before and after delivery.