Vegan Cakes v/s Regular Cakes

Vegan Cakes v/s Regular Cakes

Vegan people claim that are saving the planet by not eating any kind of animals and they say that animals save our ecosystem. Vegans just eat plants and vegetables for filling their stomachs and providing protein in their bodies. And if you are in Dubai, UAE and looking for vegan sweets and you will find vegan best wedding cakes in Dubai not only wedding cakes, you can also find the best cakes for kids. But cakes have been famous for being made with eggs and flours and people think that vegan cake tastes like cucumber and broccoli only. If you are a vegan or a non-vegan, in this article you will be clarification of vegan cakes, click to read more in this regard.

Vegan cakes take a lot time in baking as vegetables and different edible plants have to get proper mixing and needs to be baked in low heat for longer time, so that the vegetable batter doesn’t burn. People think that vegan cake is healthy but sadly, it is not. Because to kill the taste of vegetables vegan bakers have to add a lot of sugar to make it sweet and we all know how much sugar is bad for health in different ways.

Vegan cakes are gooey and dense. The texture of normal cake is fluffy but the texture of vegan cake is very thick. People who are non-vegan, they can eat a lot cake at the same time but the vegan people themselves can’t eat more than half slice because it is very dense. You have to beat the batter for longer time and it can be hectic if you don’t have an electric beater. The continuous beating of the batter will make bubbles in it, making more airways which will cause some fluffiness in the cake.

People have wrong information that vegan cakes are terrible at taste but if you haven’t tried it how can you tell, also you cannot trust people when it comes to taste because each person has different taste buds which works in different ways. And there are many ways to add flavor in a vegan cake like, instead of white sugar, bakers add date sugar or maple syrup which tastes just like honey. They can add berries and chocolate flavors too, since berries and chocolates come from plants. But vegan chocolate doesn’t have milk. It uses plants milk to make chocolate but it tastes the same although, it is expensive. This is because plant milk is difficult to extract and make is edible to people.